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Rafael Luis Alvarez - Diseño de Joyas & Taller Escuela - IMAGENES EN PLATA

Taller & Escuela de Joyería
+54 011 4671-4390
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Street San Nicolás ,
(By Av.Rivadavia 8000)
Floresta. Capital Federal.

Rafael Alvarez - Diseño de Joyas


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RAFAEL LUIS ALVAREZ - Signature Jewelry & Workshop school


I joined the new 2010 Water collection,
know the works.

Rafael Luis Alvarez BLOG
RAFAEL LUIS ALVAREZ - Signature Jewelry & Workshop school

Workshop & School


The workshop-school aims at contributing to the development of signature jewelry, by offering a solid technical background and triggering creativity.

Our work methodology lies in the ideas posed by students which will later on translate into a defined design through a sketch or plan to analyze their development.

Courses are addressed to beginners who wish to dive into the jewelry study, and to experienced student who wish to brush up their knowledge and attend crash courses on special techniques.

Brief Syllabus:

Annual Course.

  • Idea or design development.
    Sketch or synthetic drawings to allow for the study of the
    subsequent item development.
  • Basic technique application for development.
    Filing, Calendering, Silver welding, Inlay.
  • Finishing techniques.
    Frosting, Polishing.
  • Other techniques for producing items
    Carving, burin engraving, notions on stone setting to be
    applied on designs.
  • Lost-wax casting.
  • Other techniques.
    SItem development may involve working with some
    special techniques, such as:
    Supervised fire, Networking, Metal merging, Mokume ganè,
    Acid engraving, Metal alloys.


This workshop is equipped with a number of tools suitable for
learning and experiencing.


Courses will comprise three hours a week at least. If necessary
and so desired, students will be able to attend for more time.

Four or five monthly lessons will be attended depending on the schedule.

Crash Courses:

The goal of these courses is to work on one or two techniques
in particular for a minimum 3-hour 8 lesson period.

Student Number:

There are three or four students per course shift.


Students will be required to bring the following materials:
Saw sheets number one, zero or double zero.
Pasty flux
Welding at two different temperatures, soft and hard.


To be timely settled.


The timetable will be agreed with students
on these possibilities:

  • Morning. From ..................... 10.00 A.M. to 1.00 P.M.
  • Afternoon. From ................... 3.00 P.M. to 6.00 P.M.
  • Evening. From ...................... 6.30 P.M. to 9.30 P.M.

Rafael Luis Alvarez
Signature Jewelry & Workshop School

Phone: +54 011 4671.4390
Cell phone: 15.5615.0805
Floresta . Ciudad Autónoma de Buenos Aires
Rafael Luis Alvarez - Diseño de Joyas & Taller Escuela - IMAGENES EN PLATA
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